Group Insurance - Home and auto insurance that fits your needs, at preferred group rates that save you money

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Saving You Time and Money

Our commitment: to offer you home and auto insurance that fits your needs at preferred group rates that save you money.

Thanks to the partnership between TD Insurance Meloche Monnex and your organization, you have access to:

  • Preferred group insurance rates
  • Attractive coverage options and discounts
  • Flexible limits and coverage designed to meet each person’s particular needs
  • Multiple payment options
  • Professional insurance advice from licensed advisors to ensure the right fit
  • Round-the-clock emergency claims services
  • An assistance card for 24/7 medical and professional help anywhere in the world
  • A free e-newsletter on safety and lifestyle topics
  • Confidentiality
  • Extended eligibility applying to your partner and any dependent children residing in the home. Benefits can even be extended after retirement.

As a leader in the group insurance market, we offer group programs to nearly 200 professional, university alumni and student groups in Canada, and to close to 550 major Canadian corporations, providing members like you with all the benefits of a group insurance program

When you think about buying car insurance or home insurance, you’re likely to consider three factors: cost, quality, service. We’re confident we can compete on all three.


Real savings

Our prices are competitive thanks to a simple management structure and no third-party intermediary.

Superior products

Our high-calibre car insurance and home insurance products tailored to the needs of professionals give you the level of protection that’s right for you.


Home Insurance

We offer a wide range of home insurance coverage, from Basic to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum protection. We also offer additional coverage to suit a variety of special situations. For more details, visit the home insurance section of our website.

Automobile Insurance

Liability, Medical Expenses (not available in Quebec) and Material Damage are just a few of the standard types of coverage we provide to our policyholders. You can also benefit from a number of innovative optional policy enhancements. For more details, visit our auto insurance section.

Personalized legendary service

For over 60 years in the business, our customers have come to rely on our efficient, accessible and knowledgeable service. Our advisors will make themselves available to explain our offerings and answer any questions you may have.

In a word, our insurance program is your fast track to competitively-priced, superior quality insurance products and attentive, professional customer service.